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In celebration of new beginnings ~ Dr. Linda discusses the alchemy of thought patterns that need to take place in order to successfully establish Highest Levels of good in your life, reflective of the Divine Self within ~ ever one with God and all that is Universal Love...unto limitless horizons of accomplishment.  Rejoice in the "Unlimited" in you.  

At the end of this talk, you will find a centering meditation for grounding the prinicples discussed deep within.  For your convenience, here is the written version below.


Let us do a short meditation for each one of us to put into practice what we have been speaking about.

Let us go within, centering in the bliss and perfection of the Divine Self. And each one, select an idea, a heart's desire that you have been working on, and that perhaps you have been feeling separate from. And let us ask our Higher Selves, always one with God, within for a greater, newer idea here for us. Now, when it first comes up for you, bring it all the way through in your mind's eye to complete accomplishment, satisfaction, and beingness...seeing yourself already fully there in mind. Resting now in Divine Peace and Satisfaction, we say: "Thank You, God, Spirit, for the glorious picture of overcoming, which thou hast revealed."

Now, next time the thought of your desired goal comes to mind, realize this is how the Act of Creation works, by evolving Divine Pictures in mind. This is how we create, not by struggling out there but by going within. It's a very different way to be. And I highly recommend it. I can't tell you how great it is to tune up to the Divine Idea because it is very easy to get caught in appearances, so we want to be constantly tuning up.


Let us just go within now and right now center at the Perfect Central Source of all Being, where All of Light, All of Love, radiates profoundly. And let each say within: "I am at One... at peace. I live on the liberated forefront and cusp of consciousness, viewing its vast vistas of good with my soul. I accept no limitation for me in God, yet ever move with my Divine Companion always upholding me... in immeasurable manifestations of Bliss, Fulfillment and Grace. I pass continuously throughout Eternity ~ point to point, experiencing and drawing in the breath of Infinite Satisfaction and Countless, Boundless Horizons of Unlimited being. I am one with the pure action of Spirit. And so it is.


Below please find an accompanying additional "I Am" meditation excerpt from Dr. Linda's glowing book, "SONGS OF ETERNITY ~ Contemplations, Treatments and Meditations on the Word of God.



“My mind is the Crystal Clarity of God.”


            Our whole aspiration ~ in establishing the mighty Christ Civilization of Light, is to align our own minds and thinking patterns with the perfect mind of God ~ knowing what God knows and thinking what God thinks.

            In joining and harmonizing and uniting with the mind of God, we find ourselves always thinking in terms of wholeness, beauty, perfection, Love and Light.  We become the joyful projectors of Divine and perfect patterns of being everywhere in our lives.  No longer contaminated by negative thinking ~ limitation, separation and duality disappears in the Holy Bliss of the One Mind, that is forever. 

           " Whatever God knows about my situation, I now know; and there is nothing else."  Aum!  Amen!


*For strongest use of the monthly talks provided, establish a major goal you would like for yourself, not thinking of how this may be accomplished or limiting in anyway. Describe this goal to yourself in the most radiant detail,and then simply write it out, Giving Thanks that it is being established in the now and speaking in the present tense, i.e."I Give Thanks I now have_______ (Fill in and describe), I now Am________________, (Fill in and describe)etc. Refer to your wonderful goal often, as long as you are working on any given talk.  Whenever in doubt, simply turn within, Giving Thanks and once again describing to yourself in full.  This definite action of spending quality time contemplating your goal as if you have it now serves to build the new prototype in your consciousness and heart, the new cup of acceptance, and before you know it ~ there it is... right there in your manifest world.

*For other postings and updates ~ Visit Dr. Linda's website at http://revdrlindadecoff.com


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